Finding My Laughter

“Man, when you lose your laugh you lose your footing.”         - Ken Kesey



A few weeks ago, I was in full-on productivity mode. I was on a mission to get myself ready for the New Year. I was making lists and checking things off like a woman on fire.  Not surprisingly, after about a week of this I was not having fun anymore.

My husband and I sat down to watch The Princess Bride. But instead of laughing and enjoying myself, I was annoyed. Annoyed with the childish humor. Annoyed that I was wasting my time. Especially annoyed with Inigo Montoya.  As I sat and stewed, a small part of me whispered in my ear “What’s going on? Where did your laughter go? Chill out and take some time to enjoy this moment.” After a few deep breaths, I did. I was able to remember that I love The Princess Bride.

Laughter is so important to our mental health. It releases endorphins that make us feel better. It connects us with others. It helps us keep our perspective. It helps us keep our footing. I often laugh with my clients. Sometimes laughter is the best way to take a step back from a weighty issue and appreciate the other side—the funny, the absurd, the unbelievable, the joyous.

  • Have you laughed today?
  • What makes you laugh? even when you’re grumpy?