Teletherapy, Online Therapy, eTherapy

Therapy comes to you.

Robbie Rhodes Teletherapy

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is a lot like regular face-to-face therapy, but it takes place over a secure video feed or phone.  

For some people, this makes therapy accessible like never before.  You don’t have to travel to my office—no sitting in Austin traffic!

We can do therapy while you’re in your comfy sweats, curled up on your couch, with you cat curled up on your lap. We can also do therapy from your office (if you have a quiet room with a lot of privacy).  Some people even do therapy while parked in their car in a quiet corner of a parking lot (but never driving).

Would Teletherapy work for me?

Maybe. Some people love it, and others hate it.

Depending on your particular needs, strengths, and issues, face-to-face might be best. After we talk, we can discuss the best way forward for you.

Teletherapy is not suitable for people who are thinking of harming themselves or others.

Do I need some sort of fancy equipment?

No. But you do need the following:

1. A phone, tablet, or computer;

2. A secure, high-speed internet connection (Generally, if you stream movies, your internet connection will support teletherapy.);

3. A webcam and audio ability (Headphones are recommended.);

4. Either a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser (Note: Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported browsers.);

5. A phone (in case of technical difficulties); and

6. A private room in order to avoid being overheard by anyone in your vicinity.