Who I Help

  • Adults of all ages–from college students to those who have a lifetime of experience.

  • People of all genders and sexual orientation.

  • People from a variety of professions.

More important than any demographic is your readiness and willingness to get to work and make your life better.

I provide a supportive and caring space for our working relationship to take root and flourish. I will be with you when the painful and scary emotions come up. I won't leave you alone.

How I Help

My clients tell me that I’m nurturing in a way that lets them know that I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I'm not nurturing in a bake-you-cookies kind of way, but I will take you to the kitchen and teach you how to make a mean chocolate chip cookie or whatever cookie you prefer. I believe that the most compassionate way to help someone is by being a trusted guide to her own healing and self-discovery.

I believe that we come together as two experts, working collaboratively to discover what you need to heal.

I am an expert in counseling and psychotherapy. I have studied many modalities and theories and have worked with a large variety of clients. 

And you are an expert on you. You know what has worked in the past and what you have tried that did not work, and, believe it or not, you even know what you need now. You just need some help figuring it out.

Countless research studies and my own experience have shown that the most powerful element in helping people make profound and lasting changes is the therapeutic relationship that we form. Our relationship—not a theory, technique, or anything else—is what makes the most difference. Working together we will create a relationship that provides a solid foundation that leads to your healing.

Implicit in a caring therapeutic relationship, is the important element of safety. When you feel safe, we can begin to explore painful thoughts, feelings and memories. 

We will be curious together. And I will not leave you alone to deal with the painful feelings and fears.

Sometimes we might laugh together, or cuss, or cry as we confront hard truths. We will do the work of healing together, and you no longer have to be alone.

I have experience creating and cultivating healthy, affirming relationships. My work is based in attachment theory. This theory is based on our human need for safe and secure relationships. I am also trained in IFS. This approach is a gentle, non-pathologizing, client-led approach to healing.

I believe the connection between client and therapist to be so important that I offer a free 15 minute, phone consultation. Call me at 512-270-0474 to schedule a consultation today.

Why I Help

I have always been interested in the stories of cultures, societies and individuals. I am particularly interested in our personal and individual stories—the story of our past and how it still plays out today, the story of what will be in the future, and the story of what is happening right in front of us in this moment. 

As an undergraduate, I majored in English and studied the great literary works of Western society. Through these stories I came to understand and cherish our shared culture and history. Through works of fiction, I had my first experience of entering into another person's understanding of the world.

When working on my Master’s of Divinity, I studied sacred stories, and fell in love with the stories in the Old Testament. I love these stories because they portray people living their lives, trying very hard to get it right—often they succeed, but just as often they fail. But over-and-over these stories reflect a benevolent being, who loves them in spite of their shortcomings and failings. These are stories of struggle and failure are actually stories of great hope.

My Masters of Arts in Counseling has given me the privilege of helping people with their own personal life stories. Sometimes this means helping clients change the stories that no longer reflect who they have become. Sometimes this means helping a client discover the story of who they truly are.

We can work together on your story—understanding it, accepting it what is good, and crafting anew what you want to change.