I've been asked about the photos on my blog. They were taken by my husband or me. Most of them were taken on our travels. 

I love to travel. Traveling helps me strip away the concerns of day-to-day life and focus on such seemingly simple but actually complicated tasks such as paying for lunch in Swiss Francs or figuring out where to buy tickets for the funicular in Istanbul.

I am also a history buff and former English major and find it moving to stand in places that I studied and read about. Geoffrey Chaucer's tomb at Westminster Abby almost brought me to tears. And Hagia Sophia left me speechless with wonder. 

As a couple, travel helps my husband and me to reconnect and communicate better. Some of our best (and worst) moments seem to occur in Italian train stations. It often takes both of us to figure out how to purchase tickets from a malfunctioning ticket machine. 

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Lake Como, Italy One of my favorite places.

Lake Como, Italy
One of my favorite places.